Alexei Kuznietsov – is a professional international opera and crossover singer, tenor. He is a winner of the X-Factor Ukraine.

Mr.Kuznietsov is a professional athlete, he has been boxing professionally for 8 years and was awarded the title of Master of Sport of Ukraine. He got certain skills that he also applies to sing. Mr.Kuznietsov graduated from Donetsk Musical College, Department of Academic Vocal. During his studies, he was successfully doing practical training in Donetsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. He worked with Opernsänger Studio Wien on his vocal technique for a few years. After Alexei received an invitation to participate in IVAI in NYC, CVAI in Montreal, Canada, CLA France Opera Programs where he’s been honored to work with Joan Dornemann, Mignon Dunn, Jane Steele, Paul Nadler, Hemdi Kfir, Liora Maurer, Sherrill Milnes, Rainer Armbrust, Lucy Arner, Neil Shicoff, Laura Brooks Rice, David Rosenmayer, Francis Perron, Olga Makarina, Joshua Major, Rosemarie Landry, Judith Forst, Pei-wen Chen, Omer Ben Seadia, Teresa Rodriguez, Dietlinda Maazel, Glenn Morton, Gaspard Brécourt, Hélène Blanic, Mireille Delunsch, Donata D’Annunzio Lombardi, Susan Caldwell, Nils Neubert, Cristina Stanescu, Ted Taylor, Arthur Levy. Mr.Kuznietsov graduated from Mannes School of Music / The New School in New York City. For many years his main voice teacher was Ruth Falcon and his last year at Mannes he worked with William Burden as well.

Alexei sings in 9 languages besides his native Ukrainian he have had performed all over the world, including Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, France, Italy, Romania, Moldova, Austria, Switzerland, Cyprus, USA, and Canada.

Mr.Kuznietsov made his debut in 2018 as Lensky in P.I.Tchaikovsky’s opera “Eugene Onegin” with Mannes Opera in NYC. In 2019 he made his debut in La Boheme with CVAI in Montreal, Canada. In 2021-2022 Mr.Kuznietsov continuing to perform around the world.

Alexei is based in New York City. For more information and updates on upcoming engagements please visit the official website and follow Alexei on social media at @alexeikuznietsov.

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"Last night we attended a lovely private salon held by Classic Lyric Arts, at which we were introduced to some very promising young singers and also had another opportunity to enjoy the ringing tenor of Alexei Kuznietsov who made such a strong impression at Monday's Around the World in Song."

Meche Kroop